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Rick Orser

From running for Vancouver City Council at the local level to helping start a World Parliament at the Global Level - my interests are diverse... and my ideas are - Grand !

Welcome to my Personal WebPage !

Issues I am working on:
1 - Dealing with Vancouver City Hall, including having a run for a seat on council
2 - Campaigning for a TransLink Wellness-Hub
3 - Supporting the creation of a Democratic World Parliament - & - Government

My Websites - MIND (Answers) BODY (Wellness) S.O.U.L. (Utopia)

Helping build "The Garden" - "Green is good but Wellness is better"
- Former Independent Candidate for - Vancouver City Council -
- -
Civic Campaign 2011
- Taking another run for a seat on - Vancouver City Council - this time with the IDEA Party

- - Civic Campaign 2014

"Scientifically-Proven, Incentive-Based, Smartcard-Enabled"
- Not just about the alleviation of suffering, but also about enhancing your mind, enjoying your body - and even saving your - s.o.u.l...
- - TransLink Wellness-Hub Campaign

Discussion on the government regulation of the Sexual Services Industry
- BC Safe Sex Research

Home for a "Democratic World Parliament - & - Government"
- (with improved - S.O.U.L - Standard Of Utopian Living) - & - the only way we are going to Save Humanity...

- - Building Utopia
- - See my - Petition for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

- - Along with more Projects that are being planned - Global Voice 16

My Social Media - links
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About Me - highlights
- Born in Vancouver and have lived in the Metro-Vancouver area all my life except for a year in Toronto and a year in Asia.

- - Married and living in Vancouver.
- Have always been interested in Science & Technology, school science projects, rocketry, space, etc...

- - Was one of the original student volunteers for the - Arts, Science & Technology Centre - which eventually became - Science World.
- Have a BA'86 in Communication from SFU where I supported the development of high-tech "Discovery" Research Parks, conducted surveys, was on radio talks shows, etc..

- - Also supported student access to Microcomputers including fundraising for computers.
- - Helped establish the Alumni Tele-Fundraising Call Centre.
- Most of my career has been in the High-Tech, Information Technology, Information Services, Marketing, Research & Consulting fields.

- - Currently working in the Security field - - and dealing with the stresses and strains of a Changing World....